1. Callous Heart

2. Down

3. Black & Blue

4. Mirror

5. Stalemate

6. Cold of Apathy

7. Paradise

8. Hold On

9. Goodbye

MYSTERION - 2015  (Unreleased. Official release date will be announced soon). Independently published through Hidden History Music, LLC. Produced by Bryan Lash, Casey Bates and Pavel Fateev in Bellevue, Washington. Mixed and Mastered by Casey Bates. Album artwork by Eleazar Ruiz.


Mysterion is the product of over 6 years of efforts from the band, its former members, and a huge team of talented people who helped out. During that time, the band faced a long list of various trials and struggles that made finishing the album not a trivial task. After a long wait, the album is finally complete. For fans, friends, and family, we have a finished product that we (and hopefully you) are proud of. We can now say that all of the sacrifice and time spent away from our loved ones during this crazy chapter has not been in vain.

The word mysterion originates from Greek and essentially means "divine mystery." In the biblical context (Eph 1:9), the word describes the long awaited revelation of what God had planned for mankind through Jesus Christ. The weight of the entire gospel can be felt through this one word. The album went through a list of other potential names - A Quiet Rise, Mountains, No Leaf Unstirred, No Stone Unturned, In the Undertone, Truth be Kknown...But all of that is a different story. In truth, we're much more stoked with Mysterion and what it stands for. 


Thank God for being a good Father, for teaching us, loving us and for filling us with a passion to create music. Jason (J) Brescia, our manager and big brother, for sticking with us through thick and thin, endlessly working hard to push the band and the label forward, being a total badass, and for having our backs at every turn - we couldn't do it without you dude! Paul Schechter, for your years of dedication to us and for believing in us from the beginning. Daniel Griffin and Daniel Yakobchuk, our founders and brothers with the band through 3 different band names and 2 combat tours, and Josh Palmer for joining us through the battle. Bryan Lash, Casey Bates, Pavel Fateev, Eleazar Ruiz, Mark Giles, Richard Lutz, Angie Ashton, Heather Morado, and Kihm Skillicorn for your artistic, creative, musicial, and professional contributions and steadfast support over months and years. Ella Burgess and Karen Brescia for letting the band steal your husbands on so many occassions. Casey Brown, Sarah Bullis, and Corky Broaddus for believing in us early on and making significant financial contributions to help us along, and the Burgess family (as a whole!) for coming to rock out at every single one of our shows. To all of our friends and families for being so patient and supportive from square one. Thank you all!

Hidden History Music, LLC © 2015