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Check out Mysterion, our latest work, released June, 2015.


Aug 30 2016, Danny: We are currently on hiatus...and loving it, I think. Everyone's spending time focused on getting life things in order, spending time with loved ones, spending energy and focus in improving our state of life. After 8 years of consistent effort and enough stories of trials and tribulations to fill 3 novels, after a successful debut in the indie-alt-metal world (if there is such a thing), and our successful Mysterion, it's time to just...relax. I have every intention of continuing writing, but not with a specific end goal, per se, except for knowing that at some point (hopefully in the near future) I'll feel rested and re-energized enough to push the new songs into a cohesive work for you all to enjoy. Or...hell, maybe I'll just put out a bunch of random stuff! Check out if you're interested in hearing more about what I'm doing. Thanks for your support and patience!

So there you have it. From all of us at HH, we love you and appreciate your support, and thanks for taking the time to check us out.


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