Hidden History blends alt-metal guitar riffs with electronic and orchestral elements, energetic bass lines with powerful drum rhythms, and strong lead vocals to forge a dynamically unique sound. The band’s various influences include Muse, Red, Thrice, Chevelle, Linkin Park, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Saosin, and Incubus. 2014 highlights include headlining the summer's biggest rock festival at one of the most popular Seattle venues (The Flame Fest @ El Corazon), supporting local charities and benefits including Rock Out for ALS (ROALS) and the Benefit for Oso Fire Department and Slide Victims' Families as well as providing local support for several touring bands such as Girl on Fire, Dennis is Dead, and Hotelier.

HH is on a mission to impact others through their music and break new ground in the Alternative Rock genre. HH evolved into the band it is today through the perseverance of Danny Bullis (Guitar, Lead Vox) and Joel Burgess (Bass, Backing Vox) who kept the fire alive after previous band members left the band in the fall of 2010. Tyler Messer (Drums) joined the band in 2011 to complete the rhythm section, and, in 2013, Jay Brescia (Artist Manager) enlisted to help take the band to the next level and beyond. HH is currently wrapping up production of their first full-length LP, Mysterion, and looking forward to releasing the album over the Summer.


Photographer: Oguz Uygur

Musicians (left to right): Joel Burgess (bass), Danny Bullis (lead vocals, guitar), Tyler Messer (drums)

Photo: Mysterion photoshoot, 2014

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