"This Album is a must for anyone who is into bands like Thrice, Scary Kids Scaring Kids & Linkin Park. I have heard few albums where you can hear such dedication to each song, and this is one of those rare bands that actually gives 100% at all times. You can tell these guys have been growing together for 6 years, and they are clearly tuned to each other very well. I think you can really hear how hard they must have worked on this album if you listen to the whole thing from start to finish. It is in fact so good that it is worth talking about each song individually (and that’s very rare these days)! 

The album starts with ‘Callous Heart’ and the intro alone will blow you away. It features an amazing build-up and it really rocks throughout, but also quietens down for the verses. The lyrics are very well sung and I am amazed at the high quality of this recording. This is mixed and mastered to perfection, and each instrument is not only played perfectly, it also has just the right volume to not distract too much from the vocals. It is also worth mentioning that this is only a three-piece band, so to sing this well and play guitar at the same time is quite hard to do. 

The second track is called ‘Down’ and it is not too similar to the opening song, yet not too different for it to be a different genre. I definitely love the guitar riff in this track and the drum-work is outstanding. There are some fill-ins in there that unbelievable! 

The third song has the title ‘Black & Blue’ and it is again quite a serious song, yet the overall message of this band is positive. I love the line ‘fight until you’re black & blue’. This song is a little calmer than the previous ones, which makes a nice change. The guitar is kept quite simple in this, but the bass totally makes up for that. The song also builds up to an amazing finale and I love the drumming at the end. 

‘Mirror’ basically rocks from start to finish and is again a very serious song. I love the synthesizer in the verse of this and the vocals of singer & guitarist Danny Bullis are amazing in this track as well. 

‘Stalemate’ features a Piano intro followed by an incredible bass solo, which is always great to hear. I also love the riff towards the end of this song. These guys really know how to rock. I have never heard the words ‘I am done with you’ in such a powerful way before. 

The album ends with the song ‘Goodbye’ and I love it when bands save the best for last. This is a perfect song to end the album with and it basically makes you want to listen to the whole thing all over again!

The next track is called ‘Cold of Apathy’ and it features an amazing string intro, which almost sounds classical. Once the drums, guitar and bass kick in it starts to really rock again immediately and this band is very good at coming up with memorable riffs that just work really well with just one guitar. 

The seventh song has the name ‘Paradise’ and this track features very positive lyrics, mixed with quite serious sounding guitar riffs. There are some amazing screams in this as well towards the end, which show just how versatile this band really is. 

‘Hold On’ has a very sweet sounding intro with a clean guitar that builds up very nicely towards the chorus. This song is a little slower than the previous ones, but nevertheless still really rocks from start to finish and the drum work in this is again outstanding. It also features an incredible piano & bass solo towards the end. 

The album ends with the song ‘Goodbye’ and I love it when bands save the best for last. This is a perfect song to end the album with and it basically makes you want to listen to the whole thing all over again! 

This album is truly inspiring and I think a lot of people can relate to it, even though there is a mix of styles going on here. I think it is this mix that makes Hidden History stand out and that makes them memorable! For all those reasons this definitely deserves 5 out of 5 stars!”


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